MSNBC finally completely FOXifys

This is disappointing.  Pat Buchanan is controversial and I rarely agree with him, but I always felt that MSNBC always kept a notch above FOX by having him there giving an alternate viewpoint.  Even when he gets xenophobic, etc he is (I feel) doing it from a place of intellectual honesty.  He was fiercely critical of Bush from a right-wing perspective which was needed during those years.

Also, from a liberal standpoint this is just awful public relations.  It reinforces the stereotype of liberals clutching their pearls and shrieking “hate speech”, and the banter with Buchanan was always good for exposing the idiocy of most of his views.  I hope they bring on another honest conservative as a replacement so that MSNBC can keep that bit of moral high ground I always gave them credit for.

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